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Maspa service provides immigration guidance, counseling and expert services for all immigrants in Hyvinkää, Järvenpää, Nurmijärvi and Tuusula municipalities. Our service is free of charge for anyone who needs help. If necessary, we use an interpreter.

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On this website you will find important links and information about following services

  • applying for residence permit
  • employment and training opportunities
  • applying to school and childcare
  • housing related matters
  • social and health services
  • expert services of municipal integration offices
  • other government services

If you need service in your own language or you cannot find infomation on this website – please visit your local integration office. Contact information for the local service in your municipality can be found at the bottom of this page.

Below is a list of our most typical counseling services.


Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, provides social security coverage for Finnish residents.

  • We help clients to understand decisions of KELA
  • We help applying benefits online
  • We help booking appointment times for KELA
  • We will guide you to the nearest KELA office
    KELA online services


Migri – The Finnish Immigration Service is a decision-making organisation in matters related to immigration, asylum, refugee status and citizenship.

  • We give guidance in matters related to residence permits – Migri
  • We help clients to understand residence permit decisions
  • We support you in applying for a residence permit
  • Advising on family reunification issues
  • We assist with booking appointments to Migri
  • We advise you applying for an identity card from the Police
    Finnish immigration service – Migri online

Job seeking

TE-palvelut – Public employment and business services.

Training and education related issues

  • We give information and counseling about educational institutions and educational pathways
  • We assist in making applications
  • We direct you to Finnish language courses

Housing issues

  • We give advise on housing
  • We assist in filling in rental housing applications
  • We assist in the changing of address
  • We give information on the final cleaning of the apartment
  • we give information about key handovers
  • We assist you in completing your housing benefit application to KELA

School children

  • We help parents to enroll their children to school
  • We provide information about the school system and pre-primary education and afternoon club activities
  • We assist in filling out online forms

Early childhood education/ day care

  • We assist in registration
  • We provide information on pre-school education
  • We assist in filling out online forms

Social services

  • We identify the needs of different social services, if necessary, together with social service professionals
  • We help you apply for social support and benefits

Health care

In Keski-Uusimaa area (Hyvinkää, Järvenpää, Mäntsälä, Nurmijärvi and Tuusula) you will find health care services from Keusote.

Justice, Customs and Police issues

Hobbies and freetime

  • We provide you information about different hobby opportunities in the area
  • We assist you with online registrations etc

Tax card

Banking services

Insurance services

If you do not find information you needed from this site, please visit your local Immigrant office listed below.

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